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January 16, 2016: Justin Berkbigler - The Saturn Return

The Saturn Return is considered by astrologists to be a time in one's life of reflection on the past to prepare for future. It's one thing to stand in front of a crowd and show your photos, paintings and sculptures. It's a whole different level to stand in front of a crowd and read your inner thoughts and reflections on your own past and future for all to hear. It takes being honest with yourself to a degree that most will never be. This is a true talent that Justin possesses. Please take a minute to order a copy of his book of essays. The Saturn Return

December 19, 2015: Kirsten & Son

It was a cold, windy December day in Seattle. I met Kirsten and Son at Caffe Fiore above Golden Gardens for a cup of coffee and a little time to talk. 272 (according to ) stairs later, we were at the beach! Even though it was mid day, the sun was perfectly positioned and lightly covered by the clouds. It's is hard to ask for a better day and a better couple to work with! Congratulations on your engagement, Kirsten and Son! I can't wait for the wedding! 

October 3, 2015: Alicia & Hayden 

Alicia and Hayden's wedding was the culmination of a two-day party at The Barn on Jackson in Chehalis, Washington.  While they live in Florida, he is from New Zealand and she is from Washington. It was truly an international affair for the ages. The night before the wedding was an intimate gathering of family. The day of the wedding was a much larger, yet equally intimate gathering of close friends that went well into the night. 

September 3, 2015: Velia & Cody

What can I say? I've known Velia since college. I was thrilled to receive her call asking me to photograph her wedding. After getting to know Cody I quickly realized that I would be hard pressed to find a more perfect couple. The garden at the Abernathy Center was the perfect setting for this incredible couple to begin their journey together. 

August 22nd, 2015 Kenna & Ali Serkan

Wow! What can I say? They threw this together in three weeks to coin-side with family coming for a visit form all the way from turkey. On top of that, the catering bailed on them last minuet! To top it all off, it was held in the Japanese gardens at the Arboretum. A place where weddings and "professional" photography are forbidden. Three weeks, caterer bailed, and you not supposed to have a wedding let alone photograph it! 

All challenges aside, this was a beautiful commitment ceremony bringing together two amazingly loving families. 

August 15, 2015: Olivia & Jen

I had the unique opportunity to photograph my Aunt Jennifer's wedding at the Pagoda at Point Defiance. It was a beautiful location for two beautiful brides to begin their married life together. 

July 15th, 2015: Aly & Abdallah

Aly and Abdallah were married at the incredible Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville, WA. The sun was gorgeous but unfortunately a bit too hot for us native Washingtonians. We had to wait till the sun was going down for the outdoor shots, and I am so glad we did! Look at these beautiful shots of the happy couple. Congratulations, Aly and Abdallah! 

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